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“We love getting our fresh chicken from Bountiful Acres.  As a small processing facility we know exactly where our chicken is coming from.  I myself am a vegetarian, but want the best for my family of 6.  What you put in your body matters.

Visiting the farm is truly a wonderful experience.  The chickens have lots of area to roam around free and enjoy their surroundings.  The facility is clean and Roger has the best customer service.  He truly loves what he does.  We also loved seeing the rabbits, which were happy as well.  And make sure to ask for a pizza from the outdoor pizza oven. “

~Aimee C.

Bountiful Acres is a 20-acre farm in Liberty Hill, TX. We are located at:

6945 County Road 200

Liberty Hill, TX 78642

We believe in a sustainable business model that cares for people, the land and reinvests back into the growing system.  Our goal is to provide pastured, free range: duck meat, duck eggs, chicken meat, chicken eggs, and rabbit meat.

We are open and ready to sell farm fresh chicken and duck eggs.  We have been awarded a grant from the State of Texas and we are now legally certified for on-site meat processing and meat sales. Check out our Blog for current product offerings or contact us at:

Phone: 512-766-8241

Email: roger@bountifulacres.net or kc@bountifulacres.net.

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