Ranch Plans for the Fall Season

Hello friends and family of Bountiful Acres.
There are a few things happening on the ranch I thought you might want to know about.
 We will have chicken in the month of November! As summer is coming to a close we will be raising poultry into the fall & winter. As you know we are a small operation and I do sell out of chicken. Now would be the time to contact me to  ensure your order and receive the pre-purchase discount for the fall season. If you are a member of the Carnivore Club you can contact me in order to reserve your chicken. I also included an order of ducks for the holiday season. So if you would like to reserve a duck for Thanksgiving or Christmas be sure to reply to this email and let me know so we can make that happen!
As for our other products, the freezers have been refilled with a full selection of beef as well as our pork cuts to include bratwurst. Which happens to be my favorite product so I ordered extra sausages this time around. As you know you can always stop by and purchase here at the ranch. You can also find us at Old Town Leander Farmers Market. Our newest Farmers Market is in Lago Vista on Travisso Parkway in the Travisso neighborhood. 

As always I thank you for being a part of Bountiful Acres. It’s with your support that we will continue to grow and provide a healthy source of food into the coming year.

Respectfully, Your Farm Steward

on a side note; The word “season” had to be added to the header cuz well.. its 2020

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