Leander Farmer’s Market 2-15-19

Hello friends, we will be bringing fresh, never frozen rabbit as well as fresh, never frozen chicken selections. I only have 1 whole chicken left, 2 leg quarters, 3 wing kits  and 1 pack of drumsticks left. Hurry in!

Plenty of frozen chicken, duck and rabbit selections too!  Chicken breasts, wings, drumsticks, leg quarters and boneless skinless chicken thighs. Whole chicken, duck and rabbits as well as cut selections.

Come see us at the Leander farmers market at 203 W. Broade St.

Farmers market Lago Vista 2-15-19

Join us at the Farmers Market in Lago Vista. Take 1431 and then turn left at Lohmans Ford road. We are just a 1/4 mile down on the right.

We will have fresh, never frozen rabbit and a few select fresh, never frozen chicken as well. Plenty of frozen chicken, duck and rabbit if you prefer. We will also have plenty of chicken eggs. Just 2 dozen duck eggs this week. See you then!

Welcome and Current Product Offerings

Welcome to Bountiful Acres!

All our products are raised and processed on-site at our professional processing facility.

Check out our “About us” page on the menu bar to learn more about the farm.

We are certified with the State of Texas!!!

What does this mean?  It means we passed stringent and sanitary State of Texas requirements for meat processing and production.  Hurry in we have whole chickens, select cuts of breasts, wings and chicken leg quarters for sale.  As well as duck and rabbit offerings.

Visit us at the Farmer’s Market in Leander at 203 W. Broade St.  Just a block south of the HEB in Leander.  See this link for more information: http://www.facebook.com/smoothvillage

Current Product offerings :

Carnivore Club, 1 year membership, “Carnivore” $50 = 10% discount, “Savage” $100 = 15% discount, and “Predator” $150 = 20% discount

Chicken eggs, 1 dozen $6.00 (free range, pastured)

Duck eggs, 1 dozen $8.00 (free range, pastured)

All egg sales are 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we will give you another dozen free.  If you bring your old Bountiful Acres carton back, we will give you a 50 cent discount on your next egg order. We believe in being responsible for our waste and our environment.  If the carton is reusable we will put your next dozen in it or replace it with a new one including the discount.

Meat prices!!! Farmer’s market pricing.

Chicken meat, whole young bird, $5.25/lb –

Chicken meat, skinless boneless breast (2 or 4pk), $8.25/lb

Chicken meat, skinless boneless thighs (4 pk), $6.25/lb

Chicken meat, leg quarters (2pk), $5.50/lb

Chicken meat, wings (multi pack), $5.25/lb

Rabbit meat, whole young rabbit, $9.00/lb

Rabbit meat, parted young rabbit, $12.00/lb

Duck meat, whole young bird, $8.50/lb

Duck meat, skin-on breast, $11.00/lb

Duck meat, leg quarters, $7.00/lb

Thank you for supporting a small business!  Call 512-766-8241 to reserve your eggs or meat or if you are interested in a tour, contact us!